About RealVibez

A multinational brand that reaches forward to represent the best in Caribbean music and entertainment.

RealVibez illuminates the hidden gems of the Caribbean and exposes the creativity of its people through music, sport, entertainment, and culture, globally to worldwide audiences.

Our brand has evolved since its debut in 2002 and our aim is to be interwoven into the stories of our people as not only one that gives them a voice but exposes them to an entire media platform that lifts those voices higher and further than they could imagine.

We engage, interact, and collaborate with musicians, entertainers, dancers, performers, film makers, sports and music to bring together a brand that is only getting stronger as we specialize in synergies that build and inspire others.

The RealVibez Team

Robert Mullings

Robert Mullings

Robert Mullings is Chairman of Realvibez Entertainment. He co-founded the original Realvibez which launched in February 2002 and grew to become the largest online platform for Caribbean music videos on the web. The website became YouTube’s first Caribbean media partner in 2008 and sponsored events such as Reggae Sumfest and Stages.

Robert graduated from the University of Miami Herbert Business School at the age of 21, one of their youngest ever graduates. He focused on Management and Management Information Systems. He was born in Jamaica and is based in South Florida where he manages a non-profit and an early childhood school.

David Mullings

David Mullings

David Mullings is the CEO of Blue Mahoe Capital Partners, Inc, a Miami-based private investment firm focused on Caribbean emerging markets and parent company of The RealVibez Group.

He is the recipient of several distinguished awards, the most recent being the 2021 American Foundation of the University of the West Indies Chancellor’s Award for Business Excellence. He sits as Chairman on a few Boards with organizations focused on mentorship, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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