August 25 – August 27

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Festival Day 1 – August 25, 2021

Festival Day 1

Festival Day 2 – August 26, 2021

Festival Day 3 – August 27, 2021

Festival Day 3

A Letter From

The Festival Director

We are excited to be able to provide an opportunity for storytellers and filmmakers to create content in Sport and Entertainment, two of the key areas of Caribbean life our people are well known for.

Those stories are of extreme value to the identity of our Caribbean family in the region and globally.

The creative talent and their production teams  that will submit their productions in this year’s RealVibez Film Festival 2021 (Caribbean) will place the necessary emphasis on sport and entertainment. 

From documentaries, features, narrations, musicals and animated short films, this year’s RealVibez Film Festival featuring Sport & Entertainment  showcases the dynamism of the Caribbean’s greatest storytellers. 

We know the short films will bring a scintillating mix of artistry from the heart of the Caribbean culture representing music, sports, food and fashion and a host of other stories, guaranteed  to present a unique experience to our audiences that will inspire you. 

We look forward to the entries.

One Love,


Arts and Culture Festival Director

Call for Submissions

Sport & Entertainment Films

Submissions are closed for the 2021 Festival

Films should not be more than 11 minutes or less than seven minutes.

Stories could be Fiction or Non-Fiction.

Basic Rules

  • The storyline should be placed primarily in the Caribbean. 
  • At least 50 per cent of the film/feature/documentary/musical/narration should be shot on location in the Caribbean. 
  • Films MUST be in Sport and/or entertainment to include music, dance, theatre, art, fashion, food, photography or publishing

Films must be produced, directed, edited, or written by a Caribbean national living on any of the islands/countries. The production teams may include ONLY one other Caribbean national based outside of the region. Films submitted, may only have been entered in one other film festival within no further back than August 31, 2019.

If there is a film in another language, they must have English subtitles or dubbed in English. At least one member of the team will be required to participate in an online Festival to be hosted by RealVibez.

Deadlines & Submissions

Films to be submitted by AUGUTST 13, 2021

The films selected as winners in categories will be used as PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL only.

All material used in the films which has copyright implications MUST be cleared for use. RealVibez will not accept any responsibility for any infringement caused. Forms must be submitted with the correct/legal permission granted for use.

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Submit Your Film

Film Information must be submitted by completing the attached form (below).

Answers to Your

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RealVibez Entertainment LLC?

A subsidiary of Blue Mahoe Capital Partners which focuses on the value-added of sport and entertainment. A multinational brand which seeks to reposition the Caribbean as a destination where entertainment and sport are considered as areas key to wealth creation for all its people.

What is the RealVibez Film Festival?

A festival which aims to provide a platform for short films (7 – 11 minutes) stories from sport and entertainment genres. (The exception being animation stories that can be up to 5 minutes long)

How will the Festival be hosted?

The inaugural Festival will be online, from a broadcast house in Wynwood, Miami

How do I participate (Filmmaker/Storyteller)?

Create and/or showcase a short film (documentary, feature, narration, musical, animation) and submit before Saturday, July 31, 2021. Films may be submitted via

You may enter a Film that was entered in a film, no earlier than August 31, 2019

What will the Festival entail?

The Festival will open with a meet and greet (online and in person)

The morning sessions of Wednesday, August 25 to Friday, August 27 will have sessions/workshops on writing, directing, funding, distribution, streaming, marketing and networking.

The evening sessions 6 – 9 pm will be focused on screening of the Films.

In the mid-day, those who are able to join us in Miami, will be able to host live podcasts from Purple Palm Creative Studio in Wynwood.

You will also be able to meet the RealVibez Team.

What are the dates?

Entries for ALL FILMS – Up to July 31, 2021

Festival for ALL Participants – August 25 – 27, 2021

How do I keep up with the news of the Festival?

Our website will always be updated but you may also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and IG

Will the films be rated?

Most Festival films do not yet have MPAA ratings attached. Therefore, parents should carefully read film descriptions and use their discretion when considering what might be appropriate for their children. Those marked Family Friendly are appropriate for children subject to your discretion.

What is the target audience for the Festival?

The target is primarily Caribbean residents in the region and globally. We are hoping to international media partners for distribution of many of the films as possible – B2B